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    Still not sure if we are the right people for you? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

    The dive centre is situated in Trou aux Biches, in the North-North-West of the island. We are also present at two hotels, Coral Azur Beach Resort and Hotel des 2 Mondes, both in Mont Choisy. See the Google Map below.
    The best period does not exist! From November to March, there are lots of plankton and bigger creatures, the temperate oscillates between 25-29 degree Celsius and there is good visibility down to 20 meters. From June to September the water temperature varies between 22-24 degree Celsius and there is good visibility down to 40 meters deep. During the cyclonic period (February to March) there may be certain days when the dives have to be canceled because of the rough water conditions.
    The north coast protected from the winds, offers very agreeable diving conditions. The sea stays calm most of the time and is rarely agitated. The water can be a bit rough when going out of the lagoon when the wind changes direction. The water currents are weak and only occasionally stronger. The boat follows the divers from a certain distance and fetches them after their dives. The initiation dives are done in the lagoon or in protected shallow zones.
    Mauritius is not really well-known among many divers but the Mauritian waters offer magnificent underwater sceneries. There is a very diversified and rich underwater fauna. The corals have retained all their beauty.
    The dives take place in the coral zones at 10-30 meters deep and are ideal for beginners as well as more confirmed divers. You can also discover remains like the Stella Maru on which a beautiful flora has developed itself. Underwater hunting is strictly forbidden in Mauritius. The fishes are usually not fearful and can be quite easily approached. A diversity of species can be admired on the reefs, offering a magnificent pleasant scenery.
    Depending on the divers’ levels, the dives usually take place at around 10-35 meters.
    No, the diving conditions are very agreeable and there are numerous sites to suit different profiles. You will certainly find sites which are going to please you in the diversity of spots available all around the island.
    Do not forget to bring your diving certification card as well as your logbook.
    The transport facilities can be organized for you, you only have to let us know one day before
    If you wish to you can bring you own equipment, but the diving centre is equipped with the necessary up to the standard equipment and which are well maintained. Choose the equipment that you want to bring with you according to the space available and the convenience. In any case you should not bring your belts and bottles!!!
    Certainly! And you should always provide us with this type of information. There are many sites which are adapted for such a situation. You can make a very nice dive while at the same time readapting yourself to the marine environment. It is by providing this type of information that we can recognise a good diver.
    The underwater fauna is very diverse in Mauritius, full of reef species. Surgeons, clowns, squirrels, coachmen, triggerfish, batfish, jacks, puffers, moray eels, trumpet fish, groupers, Pterois, scorpions and stone fish… are commonly seen. You’ll also find strange fish like the devil fish sheet or the toad fish. Depending on the sites and times you will also encounter barracuda, tuna , sharks, rays and turtles.
    Although not that frequent, accidents do happen, which is why we are prepared for the eventuality. The boat is equipped with first aid material as well as an oxygenotherapy kit. The staff has been trained to make use of these equipments and can intervene in cases of accident. The boat is equipped with a HFV, and moreover the GSM frequency covers the area around the coast which makes communication using the mobile phone off the boat possible. The decompression chamber is situated at 30 minutes drive from the diving centre. You can dive in the safest conditions in Mauritius.
    Usually, scuba diving is not an activity which is covered by travel insurances. Your insurer can provide you with more details on the question. If you have got a French Federal Licence (FFESSM) then you are covered internationally. Or else you can get an insurance on spot at the Diving Centre which will cots you around Rs 100 (approximately 4 Euros).
    You can practice apnea dives in different sites around the island. There are so many beautiful spots to choose from in the lagoon! If you want deeper dives, you can go outside the reef. You will certainly not be disappointed!
    Not at all!! This is strictly forbidden. Don’t even try to bring your weapons with you, you could get into trouble.