Chilli Drop

Although the Pointe aux Piments reef is a shallow dive, its formation gives it the geological peculiarity of having several splits, forming enticing ravines that beg exploration. Inside these corridors, morays, leave-fishes [...]


Coral Garden

Protected from the wind and just a few minutes from the pass of the coral reef, you will find endemic corals surrounded by a variety of fish. Turtles and rays [...]


Emily & Water Lily

These two artificial shipwrecks, formerly water transporters, rest on the white sand not far from the reef. A lot of fish – fish-surgeons, Kokkalia, flying scorpions, and dolphins – encircle the two barges. Corals, rock-fishes, [...]



Very close to the Coral Garden, the Aquarium is also rich in sea life. Divers will come across Clown Fish, Parrot fish, leaf-fish as well as mollusks and the occasional octopus. Trapezoid corals [...]


Stella Maru

This redundant fishing vessel, as all of the wrecks of Mauritius, has been deliberately sunk to form an artificial reef. Its inhabitants include a very large moray of Java. One can also [...]


Fôret Noire

Located to the south of Pointe aux Canonniers, this is a seascape which takes one's breath away. You may be lucky enough to see the passing of large oceanic fishes including Kokkalia, [...]


Lost Anchor

The site is located in depths of 20 to 30 meters and is formed by very big rocks on which black corals, windflowers and very beautiful gorgonians are growing. Among the rocks [...]


Holt Rock

Close to the Lost Anchor the dive is amongst several large rock formations. Exploration of these rocks will reveal morays of java, mollusks, rock-fishes and impressive gorgonians. This dive is accessible to [...]


Tibet & Nepal

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At Dive Dream Divers, we believe that clients must thoroughly enjoy their diving sessions with us. We take the time to get to know you so we can help you make the most of your dives with us.


Dive Dream Divers also proposes safari packages for those who are interested in exploring other parts of the sea surrounding the island.

One very popular outing among the divers is the safari dive in the southern part of the island. The underwater scenery is wholly different from that of the North. Especial spots are chosen for the most daring and adventurous divers. After the magic of the colours and multitude of species of fish and corals in the North, the divers will discover darker seas with big game fishes and other species. It is the ideal place to watch sharks, tuna, rays, and other surprises.

All the transport arrangements are made for the divers who would like to seize that opportunity in the company of our dive instructor. Two other interesting safaris are proposed namely at the Gunner’s Quoin island, Pereybere, and around Round Island, Pereybere. These are opportunities of not only exploring beautiful spots but also of exploring the Northern part of the island.