Our mission is to ensure that our clients enjoy the best diving experience whatever their levels of diving.

Diving is a marvelous experience. It can be even more thrilling by acquiring a more thorough knowledge of the diving techniques, of your surroundings when being under water, by being able to dive deeper and explore the underwater world in other regions of the world.

All this is possible by following the diving courses and becoming a more experienced and autonomous diver. The courses offered are suited to the different levels of the divers. And no stress! The pace at which the courses are delivered depend on the level and capacity of each aspiring certified diver. No pressure and no rush. All the necessary explanations are given for the divers to enjoy learning more and succeed. The instructor is permanently present to offer the most personalized rate of apprenticeship for each diver.

Every precaution has been taken to ensure to the maximum the security of the divers. The recompression chamber is situated at 30 minutes drive from the diving centre. A 10L oxygen bottle is permanently kept on the boat and two bottles of a capacity of 50L are stored at the diving centre. The boat is equipped with 2 GPS, one HFV and a cellular phone. The boat can thus be easily situated and those on land can easily be contacted in any emergency cases.

  • Dedicated training room with projector for theory.
  • All necessary preliminary exercises done in swimming pool.
  • Instructors speak English, French and German.


Our staff are at the heart of Dive Dream. They are here to advise and help so you can enjoy your diving sessions.

Dive Dream Divers team

Neysen Pillay

Centre owner and Master Instructor

Neysen is not only one of the most qualified diving instructors in Mauritius, but he is also very friendly.


Compressor man and driver

Joel is our compressor man and driver. He is always ready to help and does so with a smile.



Shamnaz, our secretary, is always smiling and welcoming. She brightens our days at the centre.